Dreamtime Event Productions

Event management and production services

barry@dtep.com.au, alan@dtep.com.au

Dreamtime Event Productions are committed to providing expert AV Production & Management services for event marketing, conferences, festivals, product launches and live sporting events.

We provide strategic consulting for audio-visual, show productions and meeting planning, that include: site selection of Venues | Team Build Activities | Event planning and design | Corporate Projection | Projection mapping | Multi-screen projection ( blended wide screens) | LED Screens | Corporate and Festival Sound | Lightning | Lighting Design | 2d & 3d cad drawings | 3d animation | Content creation | Content Management | Entertainment | Event theming |Logistics |

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have four primary departments: Audio, Video, Lighting, and Event Management Services, with resources for scenic and entertainment features. Each area is well equipped with the latest in technology backed by a rigorous quality program.