Staples is a proud sponsor of the Knowledge Forum, Networking Drinks and the Keynote Speaker for Connect 2017.

Vanessa Thorp, Staples’ Corporate Responsibility Manager talks to us about supplier diversity and why attending the 2017 Knowledge Forum  will enrich your supplier diversity practice.

1. Why is Supplier Diversity important to Staples?

We believe that the success of our organisation and the wider community depends on our ability to do business with diverse suppliers. As such, we promote an inclusive supply chain which comprises a range of diverse suppliers that meet our ethical sourcing and procurement process.

We believe having strong supplier partnerships with minority businesses:

– Enriches our overall offering to our customers

– Encourages the growth of diverse businesses

– Creates wealth in the communities we serve

– Provides unique insights into existing and emerging markets, and

– Allows us to connect with our customer base and provide an exceptional customer experience

2. Staples has been sponsoring Connect since 2012.  Why has Staples remained a committed Connect partner, in particular, sponsoring the Knowledge Forum?

As a founding member of Supply Nation, Staples has a long history of supporting the Indigenous business sector. Connect presents an opportunity to connect with new suppliers that we can partner with in our own operations, or potentially on-board into our Tier 2 program. Sponsoring the Knowledge Forum is our way of supporting an environment that enables members to develop their supplier diversity programs through global insights and knowledge shares, as well as for suppliers to network and grow their businesses.

3. What would you say to a business enquiring about the Knowledge Forum at Connect 2017?

We strongly encourage all members, certified or registered suppliers or organisations interested in the development of Indigenous business to attend the Knowledge Forum to hear local and international experts share strategies, actions and visions on how to achieve supplier diversity success in Australia. It’s also a great opportunity to develop skills on what’s fast becoming business compliance and deep dive into best practise supplier diversity programs.

4. What are you most looking forward to at Connect 2017?

We are really looking forward to hearing from the two Keynote Speakers, Stan Grant and Bernard Salt and their take on the Indigenous business landscape in Australia. Stan and Bernard are widely respected in their fields and will provide unique and powerful insights that attendees will benefit from seeing at the Knowledge Forum.

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