WV Technologies

IT Deployments, Data Security, Decommissioning & eWaste Recycling

WV Technologies is a social enterprise that provides professional IT Lifecycle Services for Government and Corporate clients while at the same time achieving significant social impact by reversing disadvantage through a holistic wellbeing and employment program. WV Technologies is a subsidiary of Worldview Foundation, a registered charity and PBI.
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Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney & Brisbane
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02 6156 0334

In your role you no doubt seek to limit project and procurement risk and increase profitability – while at the same time providing a positive impact to society and the environment. But this can be a monumental task and present a huge risk for any organisation to try and get the right balance.

What we do is remove that risk and add value to your organisation by delivering end-to-end IT Lifecycle Services while also achieving significant social impact and environmental benefits for you and the community.

We minimise disruption to your activities and increase your profitability through our insights into IT deployment workflows, superior asset remarketing channels, and ability to provide savings to corporate social responsibility budgets. These outcomes makes our customers successful, wealthy and charitable – just by doing their job.

 We provide the following services:

  • * IT Refresh Planning
  • * PCaaS (PC as a Service)
  • * Pre-Configuration & Client Bonded Imaging
  • * Data Security Workflows, Chain Of Custody & Data Destruction
  • * Managed Deployment
  • * De-installation & Logistics
  • * Asset Audit, Testing & Reporting
  • * Asset Remarketing
  • * eWaste Recycling

Our clients include CSIRO, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and Allianz, among others. We operate to ISO and International best practice standards and are both Supply Nation and Social Traders certified.

Through these activities we achieve significant social outcomes for disadvantaged individuals through our holistic well-being and social enterprise employment programs.

In addition we provide and report on environmental benefits, including CO2 emissions saved through the reuse and recycling process.

Let us show you how to achieve greater efficiency and value from what you once thought was a standard IT process and procurement spend, and make a real difference to the world while doing so.