Indigenous Community Television – ICTV

A not-for-profit Indigenous media company managed by an Indigenous Board of Directors
08 8952 3118
10b Wilkinson Street, PO Box 4966, Alice Springs NT 0870

Indigenous Community Television (ICTV) is an independent, not for profit Indigenous media company, based in Alice Springs. Our Board of Directors are media makers who live and work in remote Australia.

Our core purpose is to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians, especially those living in remote areas, by providing media distribution outlets that enable the active sharing of stories, culture and language.

Most of ICTV’s video content is contributed voluntarily by production companies, organisations and individuals who are located in remote communities or providing services to remote communities. Over 500 videos were contributed to ICTV in 2016-2017.

Our content covers seven audience-driven categories: Our Culture, Our Music, Our Sport, Our Tucker, Our Way, Spiritual Way and Young Way.

Over 50% of our content is in an Indigenous Australian Language, and in 2016-2017 over 47 language groups were represented.

ICTV’s television service broadcasts for 18 hours per day 7 days per week on Channel 601 (VAST) across remote Australia and on free to air digital services on Channel 41 in Alice Springs, Broome and Roebourne.

ICTV’s video on-demand internet-based service ICTV PLAY (ictv.com.au) can be accessed by users anywhere in the world.

ICTV provides meaningful employment and training opportunities for Indigenous Australians. Over 50% of our permanent staff are Indigenous Australians and two thirds of our short-term staff and contractors are Indigenous Australians.

ICTV undertakes a number of in-house productions each year, and is supported in this through project funding and sponsorship. Our in-house productions include video content for new or difficult to fill programming categories, live broadcasts and station promos, IDs and TV commercials.

Recent productions include:

Recent Special broadcasts:

Why advertise with ICTV?

Advertising or sponsoring special broadcast events or features on ICTV allows you to connect your brand with ICTV and our well-established credibility with Indigenous Australians in remote communities.

We will provide you with a reliable, efficient and cost effective way to reach Indigenous Australians in remote communities.

We can provide a complementary service to that offered through other TV networks.
You can take advantage of ICTV’s unique programming and link your message with your choice of program category to reach a specific segment of our audience.

We can work with you to create a TV Commercial to meet your needs.

If you want to raise the profile of your brand consider the options of sponsoring Our Community Bulletin Board , New on ICTV or one of our special broadcast events.

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