Connect 2017: everyone’s business

A prosperous, vibrant and sustainable Indigenous business sector is everyone’s business.

Immerse yourself in Connect 2017.

Share supplier diversity global insghts, local focus, and practical strategies at the full-day Knowledge Forum. Join the largest gathering of Indigenous-owned businesses at the Tradeshow. Catch up with old friends and ignite new commercial relationships. Celebrate the achievements of the individuals and organisations who demonstrate that supplier diversity is everyone’s business.

This event is designed specifically for:

Connect 2017 will inspire, stimulate and magnify everyone’s efforts to illustrate that supplier diversity is truly everyone’s business.


Connect 2017 tickets still available for the Knowledge Forum, Gala Awards Dinner and to attend the Tradeshow (booth sales now closed)

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This year, at two new venues in Darling Harbour

Connect 2017 Venues